Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On the Shelf

I'm playing along with Punky and Me's meme called My Place and Yours. The theme this week is On the Shelf so here is my shelf!

This is my shelf to the left of my sewing machine in the studio - it's full of lots of stuff!

Here you can see Rolley Monkey, jars of buttons, postcards and Long 'Stretch' Johnson.

More buttons, Mad Catter and a Kokeshi doll that Tara made for me at school.

My radio which is essential to me when I'm working :) I listen to Radio 2 in the morning and Radio 6 in the afternoon. You can also see jars full of sew on patches (they are destined to be sewn onto a blanket one day) and some empty tins.

Yet more buttons (who says I have a button obsession??), some paper buttons that have been through the sticker machine and are waiting to be added to cards, some map badges and a gold coloured box full of paper waiting to be turned into stickers.

I hope you've enjoyed my shelf - play along if you fancy :)


Vic said...

Ooooh I love your shelves! Buttons are my favourite & my best & a radio is a definite necessity.

Thanks so much for joining in!

Twiggy said...

Oooo can I come and play at your house please :)
Twiggy x

WendyCarole said...

ooooooooooooooh those jars of buttons

Anna said...

I love your shelves! I wish I had big jars full of buttons. One day!

zakkalife said...

Wow, you do have a lot of buttons. I have a lot too but not as many as you. I'm always looking for the perfect craft to use them. Haven't found one yet but I'm hopeful.