Friday 14 October 2011


My wall seems to be falling down!

And it left a big pile of crap!

Don't worry though because a) it's in the cellar and b) I may have actually helped it along a bit with my trusty mallet and big chisel thing! When we bought the house we got a builder in to fix a leak in the roof and he actually did a good job of that. However we made the mistake of asking him 'if he did cellars' Big mistake!!  He didn't and firstly cocked up the floor. The walls looked good for a bit but as it's a cellar and therefore damp, the walls started to look crap and the plaster fell off in big clumps. Next the skirting boards he insisted we needed, rotted. Not a good look and it now looks worse than it did when we got the house! So the skirting board is coming off and so is the plaster. The huge pile of stuff that is just sitting there getting damp is going into a skip and the room will be a lot more user friendly with all of the stuff hopefully off the floor.

Well that's the plan anyway!

And here is my team of building inspectors! I'm sure they are sucking through their teeth saying 'Ooooh, that'll cost you!'


CurlyPops said...

I'm completely fascinated by cellars due to my addiction to UK property shows. It's extremely unusual to have a cellar over here!

WendyCarole said...

Our cellar is damp too although better in the winter when the radiator is on.
We have to make sure the drain outside doen't get blocked with leaves otherwise the water backflows and it floods. Apart from that its full of stuff that doesn't fit in the rest of the house all packed in plastic bins.