Saturday, 29 October 2011

A girl and her (borrowed) frog

In Year 1 and 2 at school they have a reward system that is basically traffic lights - green is good, amber is not so good and red is really not good. When you try really hard all week to 'Be Green' then you get rewarded with Fantastic Frog who gets to come home with you over the weekend. Tara won Fantastic Frog last week and because it is half term at the moment we have had him all week. He has been on lots of adventures (which I'm sure will be documented here over the next few days) but I think his favourite thing was snuggling up with Tara at night in the hotel in France :)

I think it was her favourite thing too!

Come back tomorrow as I am finishing off Blogtoberfest with two days of giveaways!


theothermousie said...

Oh bless her, beautiful picture and you must be a very proud mummy too xx

Therese said...

How peaceful and contented! Glad schools remember to do such lovely rewards for the little ones. I have a hard time thinking of things that the secondary pupils will love (but I bet a lot of them secretly wish to have this sort of reward!)

Zophia said...

Adorable! It's funny, in year 1 at my school, I had almost the exact same system and reward! Frog and everything! Although my school is in the U.S., and as far as I can tell, you seem to be somewhere in the UK. I love the idea, I had loads of fun with that frog when I was little! Great post!