Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New chickens

The new chickens I have been talking about for a few days on Twitter are finally up on Dorothy and Theodore. They are all exclusive to Dorothy and Theodore so you won't be able to buy them anywhere else and I think they are fabulous fabrics. You've seen some of them already but here are the new ones. I particularly like the space themed ones!

Blue Chicken

Blue Marble

Red Marble

Blue pinwheel

Red Pinwheel

Lime Green Hippo

50's Astronaut

Kids In Space

Yee Haw Cowboy
What do you think?


jojoebi-designs said...

love the first one xx

Shirlwin said...

Love them all!

Erin said...

LOVE the chicken on chicken motif! Very cute, very adorable. They are so sweet . . . I love their simple design and how the wild fabrics you use just bring them to life!